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September 22, 2017

 DU: Super Deformed

Rod_Wod dumped SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki (Korea)

Image: sd gundam sangokushi rainbow tairiku senki (korea).jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 03:22 AM | Comments (4)

September 21, 2017

 DU: Cyberball

coolmod dumped a proto/super early version of Cyberball with serial #2.

Image: picture.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 03:14 AM | Comments (0)

September 20, 2017

 DarkFrontEnd v2.3


I just finished version 2.3 of my frontend for MAME.

The main additions are:
- Update MAME's games list version 0.189
- Added a function to choose the emulators you want to use by True or False in the parameters in ui.ini file on section [available_emulator]
- Fixed a critical bug in "reading data" from the .ini file
- Improved management of joysticks.
- COLECOVISON support ok.

The software is not perfect but I work hard to get to something correct.

Enjoy !!!!!

My website :
[br] Download link:

Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail to [] DarkSteph [/ email].


Posted by Darksteph at 09:00 AM | Comments (1)

September 17, 2017

 NPlayers 0.189

Better late than never!

nplayers.ini and Multiplayer.ini multiplayer description files are available for MAME 0.189.

Get them here:

Enjoy! ;-)

Posted by Nomax at 06:37 PM | Comments (1)

 Progetto-SNAPS 0.189 Update

Ready the MAME 0.189 update of "MAME progetto-SNAPS".
It's available this folder on that allows individually download files to update from version to version. The folder will be temporarily available until the next update.
• This month, due to major family commitments and the many hours spent fixing and completing messinfo.dat, I only updated snapshots, artwork and manuals.
• This month I add a new category called: "Warnings" (or "Notice"). They are snaps generated by MAME, the messages that some games show right after launch, to inform that the machine is distributable only in a certain commercial area. Now the snap categories are 12!
• Finally resolved the "alchemst.png" title's snap problem in the "wscolor" list: the file had a problem in the name and was badly placed in dat. Now the problem is definitely fixed.
• The next update is scheduled for Sunday, October 15, 2017.

1.170 snaps and 48 pdf and zip downloadable here:

Artworks: progetto-SNAPS Artworks
Manuals (MAME): progetto-SNAPS Manuals
Snapshots (MAME): progetto-SNAPS Snapshots
Snapshots (Software): progetto-SNAPS Software's Snaps

Snapshots update:
Artwork Preview: 1 del & 11 new (tot. 2,700 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 1.62Mb
Bosses: 5 new (tot. 1,355 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 258Kb
Ends: 25 new (tot. 650 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 286Kb
GameOver: 50 new & 5 upd (tot. 7,000 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 967Kb
HowTo: 15 new & 1 upd (tot. 1,590 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 423Kb
Logo: 100 new & 7 upd (tot. 2,100 UPDATE 1 pack, 532Kb
Scores: 25 new & 10 upd (tot. 6,825 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 859Kb
Select: 35 new & 4 upd (tot. 4,160 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 1.21Mb
Snap (MAME): 2 del, 104 new & 94 upd (tot. 38,291 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 4.90Mb
Snap (Software): 38 new (tot. 29,612 png)
Titles (MAME): 2 del, 104 new & 32 upd (tot. 38,291 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 4.53Mb
Titles (Software): 1 upd (tot. 17,351 png)
Versus: 5 new (tot. 1,095 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 222Kb
Warning: 500 new (tot. 500 NEW! 1 pack, 2.74Mb

Other resources update:
Artworks (Alternate) [1]: 1 new (tot. 41 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 6.39Mb
... (Read More)

Posted by AntoPISA at 06:09 PM | Comments (9)

September 15, 2017

 DU: Rare Naomi Pickup

Ordyne dumped a dev/proto/early version of Shoot Out Pool Prize Ver B.

Image: shhooot.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 05:43 AM | Comments (9)

September 14, 2017

 New Hiscore.dat For MAME 0.189

Yep the hiscore.dat has been updated again.
Check it out Here :-


Posted by Leezer at 07:21 PM | Comments (0)

September 13, 2017

 DU: Watch Ye Damn Language While You're On The Moon We Don't Take Kindly

Andrew Welburn got the original/intended foreign language rom for Atari Lunar Lander compiled from the original Atari source code. It passes the test mode self-test report.

Image: das.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 04:04 AM | Comments (8)

September 12, 2017

 AJR WIP (Courtesy Of Haze): DECO Cassette Progress During The MAME 0.189 Release Cycle

Haze has a nice writeup of AJR's progress in getting more accurate colors out of DECO Cassette emulation during the MAME 0.189 release cycle:

This is old news by now, MAME users using the MAME 0.189 release are already benefiting from this development, but certainly could have been highlighted.

Posted by Stiletto at 01:35 AM | Comments (2)

September 10, 2017

 DU: Slap Fight

Corrado Tomaselli dumped the MCU from a Slap Fight Japan GX-006 pcb version. caius got a Kick Off bootleg by Comodo. Hammy dumped a bootleg of Knights of the Round. He also dumped Cabal (Electrocoin joystick set) but I think all the roms match other dumped sets.

Image: slapf.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 07:08 PM | Comments (6)

September 09, 2017

 Atari Cyberbowl 2072 Tournament Live On Twitch

Watch my buddy and provider Mike kick ass why I loose horribly
Tournament Live now in Vegas on Twitch today doubles Sunday.

Check out Ultimate Cyberball Smackdown 2017 Tournament live from Flipperspiel Underground Club 2v2


Posted by TrevEB at 09:38 PM | Comments (1)

September 08, 2017

 PfeMAME Bug Warning

Hi to all users of the pfeMAME frontend. I have noticed that the latest catver.ini (version 0.189) will break the parser in my front end. All my fault - didn't consider that the file would ever have non value lines.

To get around the bug for now, either don't update to the latest catver.ini, or open the file and delete the first three lines so that the first line is;

;; CATVER.ini 0.189 / 3-sep-17 / MAME 0.189 ;;

I will be releasing a bug fix (along with a major update) as soon as I have finished moving apartments.


pfeMAME files

Posted by Gfinch at 11:40 PM | Comments (0)

September 06, 2017

 Missed News From August 25: Duke WIP

Missed news from August 25:

Duke's been working hard on emulating another computer rarity. This time it's the Kontron PSI Ψ 98, an industrial control / laboratory micro computer from the early 80's. Here's his writeup about it:

Posted by Stiletto at 07:18 PM | Comments (0)

 News We Missed Back On August 15: Bryan McPhail WIP

One we missed mentioning back on August 15: Bryan McPhail, a MAME developer, identified a different ROM set of Capcom's "1943" and added support for it in MAME during the MAME 0.189 development cycle. Based on his analysis, it appears to be the original Japanese ROM set, and the set that had been supported by MAME a bootleg. More on this detail and analysis here:
Added in:

Posted by Stiletto at 07:06 PM | Comments (1)

 DU: Iron Iron Horses Couldn't Me Eprom Programmer Away

coolmod dumped Rev. K (US version?) of Iron Horse.

Image: ironhorse.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 04:33 AM | Comments (0)

 Flyer Fever Update

280 ZZZAP - Midway Mfg. (1976) [AKA Midnite Racer; German]
Galax - Yun Hap Electronics (1979)
Galaxian - Irem (1979) [Play Table Series; Licensed by Namco; Japanese]
Gun Fight - Midway Mfg. (1975) [AKA Western Gun; German]
The Money Game - Amalgamated Enterprises (1975)
Ozma Wars - SNK (1979) [Japanese]
Table Attacker - Nichibutsu (1978) [Japanese]
Table Break 4 - Jatre (1978) [Japanese]
Table Hustler - Jatre (1978) [Japanese]
Twin Course T.T. - Sega (1977) [Japanese]

Posted by Flyer Fever at 03:02 AM | Comments (3)

 More Gaelco Preservation News @ Haze's

Posted by Smitdogg at 02:50 AM | Comments (6)

September 05, 2017

 MESSinfo 0.189

Update for 0.189 version, this is the web page for download: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

Clean version with no additional files, can be found here: progetto-SNAPS Naked MESSINFO.DAT.

For MAME users: put the file "messinfo.dat" in a folder called "\history".
This is in how information is displayed with MAME:

For MAMEUI/MESSUI users: put the file "messinfo.dat" in a folder called "\dats".
This is how information is displayed with MESSUI:

* 10.38 06/09/2017: Fixed some new "DRIVER STATUS".
* 10.37 05/09/2017: Aligned files to 0.189 version.
* 10.36 20/08/2017: Added versions were are added the device (now up to the 0.160 version) and many error fixed.
* 10.35 15/08/2017: Correction continues in file formatting and even removal of ROMs of each machine (now visible by MAME itself).

Posted by AntoPISA at 09:41 PM | Comments (1)

September 04, 2017

 New MAME 0.189 Working Games Video

Here's the video, enjoy this new version:

Posted by DarkMoe at 02:23 AM | Comments (3)

September 03, 2017

 CLRMAMEpro 4.033 Released

started 20 years ago :-)

Posted by Mucci at 10:20 PM | Comments (22)

 Play Online Fruit Machines and UK Style Pub Slots!

You can now play online fruit machines and UK style pub slots online. These fruit machines are available at selected UK casinos.

Posted by josh01 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

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