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June 23, 2016

 DU: Gals Still Panic In Hong Kong

Brian Troha dumped the correct graphics roms for Gals Panic 3 (Hong Kong).

Posted by Smitdogg at 11:28 PM | Comments (3)


Shoutime has snagged a couple of rare puzzle games made by Irem and Success respectively.I am partial
to the odd puzzler and these two look interesting.

Dice Dice Dice

Final Gate

Posted by gamez fan at 03:35 PM | Comments (3)

 Flyer Fever Update: Summer Re-run Edition

Most of you are familiar either with the flyer design and/or the game title.

Alpine Ski - Taito (1981) [JP flyer]
Burnin' Rubber - Data East DECO (1982) [DECO Cassette System, JP flyer]
Disco No. 1 - Data East DECO (1982) [DECO Cassette System, JP flyer]
Enforce - Taito (1988) [EU flyer]
Fantasy - SNK (1981) [alt. JP flyer; full color]
Hyper Olympic - Konami (1983) [JP flyer]
Magical Spot - Universal (1980) [alt. EU flyer; shows only 1 cab]
Mission X - Data East DECO (1982) [DECO Cassette System, JP flyer]
Racing Beat - Taito (1991) [EU flyer]
Space Invaders - Taito (1978) [alt. JP flyer; diff. colors/same flyer design]
Speed Race CL-5 - Taito (1980) [JP flyer]
Spiders - Sigma Enterprises (1981) [JP flyer]
Star Force - Tehkan (1984) [JP flyer]
Top Bowler - Taito (1978) [JP flyer]
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair - Sega (1988) [JP flyer]

June 2016 Update 2

Posted by Flyer Fever at 12:22 AM | Comments (1)

 DU: Give Up

system11 got a Home Data mahjong game called Joshi Pro-Wrestling -Give up 5-. Supposedly it was never released, only put on location test.

Image: 349a91.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 12:19 AM | Comments (2)

June 21, 2016

 Pugsy's Cheat v0.174

19 JUNE 2016

Here's the new cheat collection for MAME 0.174. There is now an alternative LUA cheat engine in MAME (thanks to crazyc) which you will find under the plugins menu. This once again allows you to find cheats via the MAME menus - read about it/post about it in this forum topic.

XML/JSON Cheat Collection for MAME 0.174 [1456K]

Note: The XML/JSON Cheat Collection archives are double packed. Inside the downloaded zip archive you will find a large cheat.7z. It's this cheat.7z that should be placed in the same directory as your MAME execute-able.

Read the cheat.txt file contained in the for more information. If you spot any errors (non-working cheats or parsing errors) then please post them in this forum topic.

Posted by acdacd at 05:02 PM | Comments (2)

June 18, 2016

 Progetto-SNAPS 0.174 Update

Ready the MAME 0.174 update of "MAME progetto-SNAPS".

In the next update (the 0.175) all resources will be revised, prepare your HD!

Artwork download link: progetto-SNAPS Artwork
Snapshots download link: progetto-SNAPS Snapshots
Resources download link: progetto-SNAPS Software Resources
Manuals download link: progetto-SNAPS Software Manuals

Here's the summary of update:
Artwork (Alternate)*: 2 new (tot. 33 zip) UPDATE 1 pack, 19.6Mb
Artwork (Wide Screen)**: 25 new (tot. 275 zip) UPDATE 1 pack, 67.1Mb
Artwork Preview: 1 ren, 10 new (tot. 2,440 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 1.89Mb
Bosses: 15 new (tot. 1,215 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 319Kb
Ends: x ren, 25 new (tot. 275 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 286Kb
GameOver: 1 ren, 25 new & 1 upd (tot. 6,365 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 212Kb
HowTo: 2 ren, 5 new (tot. 1,480 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 93.4Kb
Logo: 1 ren, 20 new (tot. 1,635 UPDATE 1 pack, 156Kb
Scores: 3 ren, 20 new (tot. 6,485 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 333Kb
Select: 3 ren, 15 new (tot. 3,885 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 249Kb
Snap: 6 del, 65 ren, 206 new & 6 upd (tot. 35,850 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 1.89Mb
Titles: 6 del, 65 ren, 206 new & 4 upd (tot. 34,850 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 1.73Mb
Versus: 4 ren, 5 new (tot. 1,060 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 101Kb

*: Thanks to Comboman.
**: Thanks to Ashurax, Krakerman, AlexDC22 and Grizz.

Here's the summary of software list update:
- 3do_m2 (1 new; 1 png) NEW SET!
- 3do_m2_titles (1 new; 1 png) NEW SET!
- aleste (3 new; 3 png) NEW SET!
- altos5 (3 new; 3 png) NEW SET!
- ampro (4 new; 4 png) NEW SET!
- apple2gs (250 new; 250 png) NEW SET!
- apple2gs_titles (250 new; 250 png) NEW SET!
- b2m (3 new; 3 png) NEW SET!
- bw12 (1 new; 1 png) NEW SET!
- casloopy (2 new; 8 png) UPDATE
- neocd (104 new; 104 png) NEW SET!
- neocd_titles (104 new; 104 png) NEW SET!
- neogeo_manuals (36 new; 36 pdf) NEW SET!
- pico (57 new; 417 png) UPDATE
- pico_titles (57 new; 417 png) UPDATE

Have also been updated:
- catver.ini 0.174 (unofficial): progetto-SNAPS CatVer
- CHD-Info 0.174: progetto-SNAPS CHD-Info pack
- languages.ini 0.174: progetto-SNAPS languages.ini
- renameSET.dat 0.174: progetto-SNAPS renameSET.dat
- screenless.ini 0.174: progetto-SNAPS screenless.ini
- series.ini 0.174 (unofficial): progetto-SNAPS series.ini
- sysinfo.dat 0.174 (unofficial): progetto-SNAPS sysinfo.dat
- version.ini 0.174 (unofficial): progetto-SNAPS version.ini

If you want to support my work, you can make small donations via ... (Read More)

Posted by AntoPISA at 11:44 PM | Comments (4)

 DU: Mega System 1 Prototype

Shoutime dumped a prototype Japan version of EDF that was found in Jaleco's old warehouse. It runs on a mobo/sub setup rather than the single layer board that was released.

Image: 1.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 04:05 PM | Comments (10)

 DU: River Patrol

ShouTime dumped the original Orca River Patrol. The one currently in MAME is a bootleg.

Image: river patrol.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 03:57 PM | Comments (4)

June 16, 2016

 FINALLY A Laserdisc Update - @Kale's

Posted by Smitdogg at 12:24 AM | Comments (29)

June 12, 2016

 DU: Adult Sex Or Potpourri?

Andy Welburn dumped a rom board from Video Trivia Series 9 - Greyhound Electronics/Kinky Kit and Game Co. that had an undumped rom. He also had paperwork which shows how the sets shipped so that should lead to some set rearranging/cleanup in MAME.

Image: pic.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 03:46 PM | Comments (0)

June 09, 2016

 Lightspeed MAMELister© - New Version Released

Latest Version: Beta v0.7j
Updated on: 6/14/2016

- Added preliminary backwards compatibility with older MAME versions. The oldest I could find for download was 0.100b, so I tested with it. Make sure to point to your older MAME.exe and then update your xml file by clicking on "MAME -listxml", under options.
The catch is, not everything is hooked up just yet, so unless you check all the "unknown" checkboxes on both FiltersA and FiltersB tabs, you will not be able to see anything parsed if you are using an older MAME version!
- Preliminary compatibility with the latest changes on Launchbox images folder structure. Images should now be parsed just like before and this should also maintain backwards compatibility with previous versions of Launchbox
- Speed improvements. A complete list (36445 entries) can now be parsed in about 21 seconds in my machine, compared to about 72 seconds in Romlister. Considering that there are many other filters being used, this was quite a bit of a boost, reflected in all parsing methods from now on.
- List can now be matched against the Icons folder as well (in preparation for a new feature requested by John IV)
- Added an "Expand Tabs" checkbox under the export tab, so you can toggle to see all the information parsed under the hood.
- Eliminated the need of ControlsButtons.ini. Thinking about backwards compatibility with older MAME versions in the future, the controls are now being parsed on the fly, with no significant hit in performance
- Fixed a bug that was causing the number of players to be parsed incorrectly (thanks Milky @ Arcade Controls for reporting!).
- Introducing History ReparserTM, a different approach when it comes to extracting notes from History.dat. Games ... (Read More)

Posted by Antropus at 10:11 AM | Comments (33)

 MAME4droid (0.139u1) 1.11 Released

MAME4droid(0.139u1) 1.11 Added General Multi Controller support.

Posted by hotgraphics at 04:27 AM | Comments (6)

 DU: Atari GX2's Ass Whipped

The progress never stops... Peter Wilhelmsen and his friend have whipped the ass of Atari GX2. In his words:

After many nights of soldering, we ended up with a setup that looks like this:

We could now log in real time what was happening on the bus and what the FPGA did to the SRAM. Next step was writing some MC68EC020 code to query the protection on the CLARN (protection) board. Many many program/erase EPROM cycles later we had gaining enough of knowledge about the algorithm that we could start to do some cryptanalysis. This was finished last night and we can now consider the protection on Moto Frenzy fully solved and understood. It is several Linear Feedback Shift Registers mixed together in a odd way to work as a stream cipher.I have been in contact with Aaron Giles and sent him the implementation and hopefully we should see a commit real soon now.

Posted by Smitdogg at 01:06 AM | Comments (8)

June 08, 2016

 DU: Konami's Dive Bomber Squad Released & Emulated

I'm happy to announce the immediate release of Konami's Dive Bomber Squad (急降下爆撃隊 in Japan and planned to be GAIA in overseas regions) and the inclusion of it in the next release of MAME.

This is a monumental release of what is considered the most wanted prototype in Japan as it was featured in Gamest, displayed at various trade shows and includes a member of Treasure in its credits. The previous known prototype was actually confiscated by Konami mafia style from the last collector so this final remaining copy in our hands was the last chance to preserve this for posterity.

I personally put out $8300 USD to acquire this from a MAME unfriendly source and keep it from being hoarded. Thanks to the international effort from the community in donations, everyone can enjoy this piece of history.

I'd like to particular show gratitude to our truly international DU team who helped make this happen. Fellow DU member, Andy Welburn, of fame flew to Tokyo from the SF Bay Area to help with the extensive desolder work and the now retired Haze in the UK who figured out the uniquely convoluted hardware to make it playable. Crossing international borders, different people of different walks came together to make it happen. Looking forward to more international collaborations and I encourage Japanese collectors to work with us as these PCBs and their devices are at the end of life stage. There is no point to hoarding a game if it dies and there is no way to repair it.

That's it for this episode, I continue to fight the good fight in the land of the rising sun.

PS: The sound is really that primitive and HANGZO is coming soon.

Haze's Blog Post here:

Video here:
... (Read More)

Posted by ShouTime at 07:23 AM | Comments (30)

June 07, 2016

 DU: Still Invading Your Space

Andy Welburn found a rare Space Invaders board that has a previously undumped rom set with rom numbers in the teens. He says out of the hundreds of Space Invaders boards he has seen, this is the first one he has found with this rom set.

Image: invader.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 03:04 AM | Comments (4)

June 06, 2016

 Etabeta: Time Is Ticking Out…

Posted by B2K24 at 04:14 PM | Comments (5)

June 05, 2016

 MAME Classic 8.3.0

Updated for MAME 0.174

Changed : Raster & Vector settings can now be saved for color, monochrome, horizontal and vertical systems
Changed : Vector_length_ratio default from 500.0 to 0.5
Fixed : Issue with showing News at launch
Removed : Monochrome Compensation option added in 8.2.0 since it is no longer needed

Posted by Mr Ric at 08:26 PM | Comments (0)

 Emu Loader: MAME And Arcade Frontend v8.1.6 Released

Bug fix for SEGA Model 2.
Go to for more details.

Posted by CiroConsentino at 02:51 PM | Comments (0)

 Help Us Become One Of The Only US-based Manufacturers

Please vote for Northcoast Custom Arcades in the Fedex grant contest! At the very least check out the video we made showcasing our custom capabilities.

We would use the grant money to purchase injection molding machinery and press stamping machines to make our own brand of joysticks and become one of the only "US based manufacturer" of arcade parts. We would take all of the feedback from users of existing joysticks...what they like and what they don't like, and develop the all-time best joystick on the market. We would be able to make "Custom" joysticks too.

Please don't forget to vote every day!

Posted by Northcoast Arcades at 02:36 PM | Comments (0)

June 04, 2016

 DU: Oppa Gundam Style

rtw dumped Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder (Chihiro)

Posted by Smitdogg at 09:05 PM | Comments (0)

 Play Online Fruit Machines and UK Style Pub Slots!

You can now play online fruit machines and UK style pub slots online. These fruit machines are available at selected UK casinos.

Posted by josh01 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

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